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Eso-Charis by Eso-Charis
Eso-Charis (2001)
Label: Solid State

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The Narrowing List by Eso-Charis

The time is now.
Salvation, time to surface and be rooted in your love, oh God.
Die to ourselves, understanding what you did.
You're worthy of praise.
More of you and less of me.
For you are my everything.
I'm unworthy, you're merciful, it's a free gift.
And we wait for you to return and take us home.
Down by choice, Satan's list is getting narrow.
It's time to step out.
Heirs of a promise stake your claim.
And this is our place in this world, to love you.
For you are our God and we praise you, praise you God.
(Shield us, Protect) you are my savior, God.
"With our voices we lift up our thanks.
Please inhabit our praise, Jesus, you are worthy".
Repent from ourselves and spread the good news of your glory.
Step by step by step we'll overcome this lost world
(Father God) it's open season on the lost.
(Isaiah 53:1-5) Jesus, nothing compares.
Your kingdom come, let it be done, here on earth as it is in heaven.
Praise you God, praise you Jesus.
Will I stop? Will I back down? Never.
I will never stop.



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