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E-SO by E-SO
E-SO (2001)
Label: Bettie Rocket

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Sad Mary by E-SO

Mary my friend
you seem to silent today
I've dreamed so long
you'd share your heart with me
why do you cry
it's almost clear to me
why do you cry
he can't touch you now

Mary my friend
it's been so long
since we've dreamed
take my hand
believe this never happened to you
you've been scarred I know
Crimson red
you're white as snow
one last look behind
you're alive
She fell upon her knees
and with arms stretched to God
she cried out
O my God
I'm disgraced too ashamed
to lift my face to You
because our sins are greater
than our heads can hold
in You I trust O my God
don't let me be put to shame
but hold me forever
in this land that You made for me
and loved me
though things haven't gone right
I turn to the One
who created me
white as snow
through the truth
I feel the way You see me

My friend
you're white as snow
my friend
you're alive

Sad Mary
Sad to lose
at so young
lead by the hand
to view it's to soon



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