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Southern Hospitality by Disciple
Southern Hospitality (2008)
Label: SRE

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Romance Me by Disciple

Is solace a hopeless crusade
The grandeur of a raping plague
A portrait that is best forgotten
Bed of fire for the dying orphans
Is there a bridge for the endless mote?
A river for the arid throat?
A sun for the winter flower?
A knight in the weeping hour?

The poison sails on ships with pain my veins have never known
My eyes have seen the glory of the antidote

A love lifted, the curse has left its birthplace
Romance me, Ransom me
A love lifted, in paradise remember me
Romance me, Ransom me

The idol that birthed betrayal
Where eulogies have littered the trail
A song that is sung with a forked tongue
Blackballed by the angels
And we're dropping like flies
An assault to the eyes
Spraying death in every direction
This infection's a torrential tide

Amazing, sweet mercy, romance me, ransom me



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