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These 5 Down by These 5 Down
These 5 Down (2000)
Label: Absolute

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Revelation War by These 5 Down

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What about the end.
What about you my friend.
Where ya gonna be.
Who did you come to see.
Do you ever think about reality.
do you notice the decay of society.
Ask yourself this question my friend.
What if it's not real.

Revelation war
Are you paid for, Are you paid for.
Revelation war.
Are you paid for.

I will help you through this time.
Take my hand and you'll be fine.
When the end is come there's nowhere
to run, nowhere to hide you'll hear me inside saying
Turn the other way save yourself some pain.
You've made lots of choices
But you've seen no gain.
I'll tell you once again
This is no game.


I know you've heard it all before.
But something hit and it seemed to score.
I see ya frontin that you're really hard core.
But something hit and it seemed to score



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