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Age of Brutality by To Laodicea
Age of Brutality (2007)
Label: Raging Storm

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Fight To Remain by To Laodicea

Verse 1:
On nails we walk day by day
Striving to live the righteous way
When I look to your face my fear is broken
Help me to speak of the undying truth and not
Leave words unspoken

For I've danced with the fires from hell
And I stand from where I once fell
Now the lions roar has stirred in my soul
To speak the truth to the ends of the earth

Through trials and tribulations we push on
Despite all consequences
Though death be threatened against me
I will now cower
For this life is not mine to lose
I am not my own

Where do we go
We push on
Where do we turn
We turn to you



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