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Wolves by X-Terra
Wolves (2003)
Label: Independent

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Don't Curse The Darkness by X-Terra

Verse 1.
Hideous crimes sordid deeds
Evil so thick in the air you can barely breathe
Oppressive gloom as a plague decends
>From the highest court to the ghetto street
Earth shroud in a lethal cloud of deceit
Anarchy strikes terror in the hearts of men
And it may seem that it is hopeless
You may think it's too far gone
Feel overwhelmed and helpless
Sin's forces seem so strong
Though you feel weak and powerless
Disillusioned and confused
You can turn this tide of decadence
There's one thing you can do
Don't curse the darkness light a candle
Don't mock the power of its flickering light
Take that candle place it high up on a mountain
A shining ray of hope to pierce the cold and lonely night
Verse 2.
Wickedness intensifies
Savage violence horrifies
Arrogance breeds hatred in men's souls
Spiteful brazen wretched acts
So perverse we stand aghast
Brutality makes the blood run cold
You can shake your fist in anger
And scream enough's enough
Lash out and point the finger
Or throw your hands up in disgust
You can vow to take revenge
Or retaliate in rage
But two wrongs don't make a right
There is a better way
You can perpetuate the nightmare
Of suspicion and ill will
Be a force of negativity
And say old wounds won't heal
Be bitter and condenm
And cause more pain and suffering
Or light one tiny lamp
And see the difference it brings



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