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In The Line Of Change by Opposition Of One
In The Line Of Change (2005)
Label: Strike First

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Decision by Opposition Of One

This song is for all between north and south,
east and west, who are not quite sure which way to go
and tonight there is just one thing I want to know:
what is your point of view?

Do you belief in the hardcore way of life?
It's a decision of your mind.
You might not have a second chance, come on decide it now.

It's been a long time ago, since I got into touch with hardcore
I recognized that there is more than shows and proclamation.
Responsibility, honesty, perseverance, wisdom are some values of this
did you know that?

Please don't break my heart you better leave me alone.

Though it's a big challenge to stay true in this world
wouldn't it be cool to see this movement grow?
Take a look at yourself, listen to the voice of your heart,
make your decision and hope that you're on the right way.

But realize this: You can't stop our way!



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