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Calm Seas Don't Make Sailors by Foreknown
Calm Seas Don't Make Sailors (2005)
Label: Blood & Ink

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Weapon of Choice by Foreknown

I just don't care anymore, Nothing means that much to me,
I'm not the only one, I see it in there eyes,
Born in a world that doesn't care at all,
I just don't care,
I ran away cause I need to find myself,
The battle rages on and on,
Never dying it takes its toll,
This is where I take back my life,
This is where I take control,
Never give in, and never be afraid,
Never forget tomorrow when today is in the way,
Tomorrow waits at our door,
Another struggle, another fight,
I will take this on, I will find the courage to press on,
I will rise to the top and not let go of the things I live for,
These things God has for the new days.



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