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The Path We Tread by xLooking Forwardx
The Path We Tread (2006)
Label: Facedown

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War Tells All by xLooking Forwardx

The pain we've caused with words we've said
The subtle ways it's messed with our heads
It's easy to say that we're upset
And use that as a safety net
To mask the truth and cover the lies
But all is told within our eyes

So let's let it go so we can be healed
Because in the heat of battle all is revealed
No need to act like things are cool
If they aren't because as a rule
We need to stick by each other's side
And live our lives with nothing to hide
So let's keep cool when the pressure's high

You know, on me, you can rely
I won't take off when the battle's near
When war is on, my friend, I will be here for you
There's nothing that we can't work out
We always will, man, there's no doubt
You'll never be left on your own
True friends won't let you fight alone



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