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Myself Letting Go by To Speak of Wolves
Myself Letting Go (2010)
Label: Solid State

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Trust But Verify by To Speak of Wolves

Malignant and causing turmoil
Attacking from within
I feel the spit and venom
Burning beneath my skin
Childlike and full of weary
Terror is sinking in
I search for a voice of reason
Guidance to tuck me in
You want it all
You want the world in your hands
Well here it is
Cocked, locked, and loaded
Shopped, stocked, my cabinets full
Go on and break my doors down
Go on and break me
I can see you through my window
Terror breathes in here
Footsteps fall in constant form again
Don't tread on me
Fist to the opposition
Don't tread on me
Salvation of tradition
Don't tread on me
You want it all
To carry the weight of the world
You want it all
A ticket please, for a Sunday paper
A ticket please, for a loaf of bread
Big brother, are you my window?
Big brother, are you in my head?
Hey brother, are you watching?
Hey brother, are you watching me?
Don't tread on me



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