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Life Outside The Toybox by Justifide
Life Outside The Toybox (2001)
Label: Ardent/Cul de sac

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The Way by Justifide

Verse One

When I look at them I can't find
Just why I see the blind leading the blind
And this time I won't be the one fooled by their kind
In this rhyme I speak against their lies
Not knowing what they speak, they spoke and choked
This is why I don't pay attention to the things they say
And I'll never let them stand in my way, in my path
I'll be the one to stand and fight against their way

All their lies will never ever rule me,
All I need to do is look to thee,
All they know is everything they hear,
Seek the truth the way that life should be

Verse Two
So now go and see just for yourself
See the way that He has meant for this to be
Don't settle on every single thing they say
'Cuz people will believe anything they hear these days
You just gotta keep lookin' and seekin'
Never stop searchin' and you will find just what your missin'
It's time to end this misdirection, this contention
You will find your way, so don't stop now

Never will I live by their ways
'Cuz their ways just too fake

Ya gotta seek the way
The way life should be



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