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American Standard by EDL
American Standard (1997)
Label: Alarma

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Salt Circles by EDL

we place ourselves down in a position we think is safe
the marks of the people that walk on us leave a trace
of where we should act and then they should react
brought up, and beat down, and then the luster acts
and stacks up on the minds of the ill-content
not every angel sent before you is even heaven sent
we look into the eyes of the people that follow
time to follow the sheep but the battle is not won

you're just a snail but you will never see
surrounded by the circle of salt that's your destiny
you're just a snail but you will never know
praying to God, don't let the wind blow

you lay your cards down and it's a hundred and ten percent
but the thirty-five percent of the people who haven't spent
the time to get to know you as a person
they just stand behind you backstabbing and straight up cursing
playing you down to be something that your not
the forked tongue of the wicked rambles off piping hot
killing you softly but you will fel the sting for ever
when was the last time your heart has been severed


you've fallen twenty steps back to see what's two steps ahead
and then they kick you to the side of the road left for dead
because there concern would be to not deal with ya
to the rest of the open ears you know you have to paint a picture
to open wounds and emerse them into salt
there as stupid as chickens but still it's not their fault
they just don't know what it means to take it face to face
be long after they leave, yes they leave a bad taste




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