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The Crucified by The Crucified
The Crucified (1994)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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when my life was empty
when my life was dead
the pain was taking over
and i wanted life to end
"it's say...
goodbye...for good..."
then one day God showed me
gave me a reason to live
showed me there was hope
in the love he gives

rise - rise and hold your head up high
stand - stand you are his child
we've been in bondage for too long
it's time to rise up, in him be strong
we'll leave the past behind
in him move on
my God is a shield about me
and he is the lifter of my head
satan tries to cut me down
my God always protects
in my wickedness...
is found...and so
satan night and day tries to stop me
seeking out to destroy
my God turns his snares upon himself
rendering null and void

don't despair keep the faith
keep fighting, in his word be courageous and strong
we shall have victory for it's written
and we are the children of God
the gates of hell shall not prevail
there's a light at the end of the tunnel
a beacon to all who seek
we shall have victory so soon
soon taste victory



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