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Darkness Divided by Darkness Divided
Darkness Divided (2014)
Label: Victory

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Remnants by Darkness Divided

Open the gates
I can't count all the times that emotion has left me blind
My clouded mind, my shots mistaken, about everything that is so blatant

I was sold for the weight of my sins
Sent to the world as a messenger
A descendant of perfect love
To separate the dark from above

We are what's left; the remnants of the chosen ones

Weary, my blood went cold as I searched for what would satisfy
Forgotten were the words You spoke, breathing in new life
My wicked soul turned like the restless seas
Upon your shore I live to be Your hands, Your feet
Everything I was created to be

Your Justice sustains me,
Your life fulfills me, Oh God

I am the remnant of the chosen one
We are the remnants of the chosen one

I lift my hands to the Heavens, from where Your grace descends
Open the gates and let us in

I am a wounded vessel counted among the wicked
My soul was lost in the ways of man
My heart found rest in the palm of your hand

We are what's left



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