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The Songmaker by Kronicles
The Songmaker (2005)
Label: Independent

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Reasons by Kronicles

When I look around me what do you think I see,
Children drowning in misery.
Now is not the right time for closing up your mind,
So meditate in the words Iím saying now.

But they run from you

The reason, why you came
To save us, and I remain the reason.

Father please forgive me for everything Iíve done
And I will build you a sanctuary
God please, take away from me all that kills me,
And I will never be the same again I know.

Pressing your hand upon me pushing me to feel,
Changing, my heart is open to receive this.
More are called than chosen,
Watch them dream just like me.
I will meditate on every word youíre speaking,
And I will dedicate my life to you, the reason.

I remain, I know the reason why you came
Despite my faults I remain.



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