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Songs For The Living by Embodyment
Songs For The Living (2002)
Label: XS

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Reaching Out by Embodyment

plain as day the industry was starving
i'll light your flame
turn away and leave the prize to others
i'm on way
set me up
pave my way
i'm reaching out
make a change the masses live in static
i'll ring your bell
for all the times they gave it up for nothing
i'll have my say
set me up
pave my way
i'm raching out
hear this, hear this, hear this...i want it more than love
it's golden, golden, golden...where the road ends up
hold it, hold it, hold it...savor what you taste
dan't waste it, waste it, waste it... dare to live
give your all, build your dreams, kill your fears
set me up
pave my way
i'm reaching out



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