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The Triptych by Demon Hunter
The Triptych (2005)
Label: Solid State

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One Thousand Apologies by Demon Hunter

There you stood in disbelief,
trying all you could to see through these lies
And every word that I could brethe,
would find you more inclined to leave, but I tried
And knowing what I've done to you,
with every thought you suffer through
My heart as black as evil can
And everything I could have been,
erased by what I wanted then
I couldn't think a lesser man

All the delicate ways
That I deepened our graves
My apology pales

Oh, the pain in your eyes
My regrets have never known such sorrow
Oh, the shame that you hide
Resolutions are the same tomorroe

So now I reap what I have sewn, and any rapture I
had shown has bled dry
And I walked the streets alone, accepting the pain I'd
never known, as you died
Then I hurt myself to see it too, to feel the knife put
in you
My heart as broken as my ways
I never should've let it pass, this fall was never meant
to last
The reason gone and damage stays







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