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Songs To Burn Your Bridges By by Project 86
Songs To Burn Your Bridges By (2004)
Label: Independent

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Oblivion by Project 86

A double minded one
Gazing into two reflections
Who cannot recognize
The vessel or the messenger

Obedience gone and somewhere
Left in the distance
New wilderness

From somewhere far, far away:
(It's mine to avenge, I will repay)
A distant voice from some familiar place
(Drive it home in me, pull it out from me)
"Let go the anchor
Let go the deadweight...
(I will repay, I will avenge).
And I'll set aright what's in remiss"

Fight Fight
For our tomorrow
to stand
to follow

It's all
All we'll ever have
It's all
All we'll ever need

Will I
find home in
This beautiful oblivion?
No meaning
No solace
No comfort
No justice
These thoughts I've held in failure
My paper champion, false savior

"You think the answer lies within
When your heart betrays you?"



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