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When Breath Escapes by Sinai Beach
When Breath Escapes (2003)
Label: Strike First

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Never Say Never by Sinai Beach

Now, what's this?
That can't be the girl that I once knew.
Did your eyes fool your heart, or did your heart fool your beliefs?
Now I watch you eat your words.
Please tell me that it's not the girl that I once knew.
The promise was made to always hold true; but you said, I'll never.
Well I guess that old saying is true, Never say never.
You take steps back in your faith,
just to get the kiss of a pretty face.
Never say never.
Now I watch you eat your words, how did they taste?
Now knowing you has become ironic.
A woman so wonderful, a face so beautiful.
But I hate to look upon it, because it reminds me of what once was,
what was once you.
That can t be the girl I once knew.
A woman so wonderful, a face so beautiful,
I pray you'll be her again.



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