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Left Behind by Gryp
Left Behind (2001)
Label: Independent

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Left Behind by Gryp

Somebody told me all I have to do
is call upon His name
Is it really just that easy

Donít want to be left behind
left behind left behind

Iím so tired of doing
everything by myself
I need some help along the way

Donít want to be left behind
left behind left behind

So they say you are the Son of God
how do I prove it
I guess I'll have to take that chance
I hope Iím right cause

what some of my people might say may be bold
I feel like itís something that has to be told
yes I can feel your pain
you know there was a time that I felt the same
you wonít know when itís your time to go
but you donít want to be told
that youíre not going to go
so to enter that gate
accept the man now before itís too late cause



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