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The Truth Is Dangerous by Reform The Resistance
The Truth Is Dangerous (2011)
Label: Wuli

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You wanted a sign I'm alive
I'm breathing, just one foot in front of the other
One day, a day and another
Self-will, never let it fall behind don't trust a lie
Make this pass away and let it die, let it die

Where do they say I lost my mind
Somewhere far I crossed the line
Going nowhere

You wanted the more, always more
This is a call of the dead side
Show me truth I need the strength
To deny myself, the strength to fight
Bring a sword and strike me down
Now I see a way out

Gone with a rush of the wind
I'll take my punishment
I know the consequence its gonna front me with
And it won't go away until I'm done with it
Kill lies

Now I pray
Save me from myself today

With the rush of the wind
A drop of a dime
One bad choice you see your life gone by
I just saw mine
I don't wanna live like this
I don't wanna die like this
If you wanna second chance say
And if you wanna change say



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