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Suffering The Loss by Figure Four
Suffering The Loss (2003)
Label: Solid State

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Kill And Deceive by Figure Four

I am the liar
I've sown the seed
I only came to hurt you
But I never let it show
I am trapped inside with no escape
This is my faithless world
Here I feel like a king
My beauty skin deep
Just enough to keep you fooled
I've blurred the lines of right and wrong reality
Your weakness I see
Though weakness, it's in me
I've found an open door
Now I know your weakness
I finally see your weakness
Don't take this
This is not how it ends
Don't you fall to the lies
He'll steal everything you love
He'll kill your heart and mind
Fear of those who believe
The name will strike him down
Realize and recognize
This is reality
Don't try to pass off what you can't see
Sent out to destroy
Sent out to kill and deceive
One thing still remains, you liar



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