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It's A Jungle Out There by Mastedon
It's A Jungle Out There (1989)
Label: Regency

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It's A Jungle Out There by Mastedon

Ashes are falling like rain, down to the ground
And the flames make the black sky look red, like blood all around
And sirens cry out and give fear to the night,
as victims they lie in the wait
Like a prisoner sentenced to die, awaiting his fate
The expressionless face of the people, itís riddled with fear
And the pendulum swings to and fro, our number draws near.

Itís a jungle, itís jungle out there
Itís a jungle, itís jungle out there

Please mister please let me off, at the end of the line
ĎCause the price that Iíve paid for the ride, will cost me my mind
The streets they are filled with signals and signs,
telling me which way to go.
Donít ask me which way Iím headed, I donít know.


Donít let me fade away, please hear me when I say
Itís a battle of big and small, Lord catch me when I fall.




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