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Until We Have Faces by Red
Until We Have Faces (2011)
Label: Essential

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Feed The Machine by Red

Turn around they might be watching
And you never disappoint them
Hide your innocence before they see right through
You mustn't disappoint them

You need the danger just to feel your heartbeat
You need to die just to find your identity
You need a knife just to know that you can bleed
You need the pain now just to feel anything

We fall in line, We live the lie
(Give up, give up and feed the machine)
It grows inside, nowhere to hide
(Give up, give up and feed the machine
Give up, give up and feed the machine)

They pull you faster, the gate is calling
And you never fall behind
So choose a face you're only calling out
You mustn't disappoint them

You need another death just to have a life to save
You need a master just so you can beg
You need a light just because you're so afraid
Now bow and learn to be a good slave


Sleep... (shh)
Go back to sleep

Wake up (x3)


Wake up, wake up and kill the machine (x3)



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