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Whitecross by Whitecross
Whitecross (1987)
Label: Star Song

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Enough is Enough by Whitecross

One foot in and one foot out.
I'm up for grabs, my future's in doubt.
No more runnin' round and playin' this game.
It's time for me to make a stand for your name.

Enough nuff, Enough is enough.
No more white lies.
It's time to hang tough.
Enough nuff, Enough is enough.
No more foolin' with compromise, no no no.

Russian roulette, a loaded gun.
Shot in the dark, the damage is done.
I take my chances, hope my aim is true.
I know inside, what I'm missing is you.

I can't pretend to walk in the light.
While all the while I live for the night.
And like a bullet between the eyes.
It's time for me to realize.

I feel the heat inside, a burnin' fireball!
It's time to choose a road, ‘cause I'm headin' for a fall.
I will heed the master.
No more livin' with my back ‘gainst the wall.
And that's all!!



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