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Emanate EP by Modern Day John
Emanate EP (2003)
Label: Independent

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Emanate by Modern Day John

Savor this moment tomorrow never comes…

Some live life like, they live they die
No opposition tried, defied,
Too scared, inside they hide
The clock is winding down your number's coming up,
Life is calling your name but are you man enough

Wake up- Stand up Get your head in the game
Ignore the pain Realize the prize
Its all there is to gain
Wake up- Stand up Take control of your mind
Define the line this time and find
You won't get left behind

Watch the time fly by- deceived, free your mind
Nothing changes, everything's a lie- release the pain inside
Just looking for a way to unwind- deceived, free your mind
All is fake, nothing is alive- release the pain inside

Savor this moment tomorrow never comes…

A new day in this relay,
No instant replay or delay
Rewind, stop just play
Sky burns bright white light
Squinting tight to fight the minimal eyesight
Expect that someone might…

Try to bring you down
Motives full of pride
Don't ever let them steal
What you are inside

One last chance to dance, enhance this life
Your current circumstance
Remade, reborn, resist the backwards glance
Everyday is a new day- make it different today
Don't look back to the old way
It's time for you to…



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