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Earn Your Respect by Dodgin' Bullets
Earn Your Respect (2002)
Label: Facedown

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Earn Your Respect by Dodgin' Bullets

Why's it all about following the crowd these days?
Lets try to start following our own hearts.
In these times of smoke and haze no one to look to,
no one to blame we're all moving targets because we strive,
we strive to be the same how many times
you sell yourself out you give yourself up
without a doubt fall to the game,
another lost stand for true self,
a worthy cause where's your respect
who cares about the past show some respect
no more excuses it's not too late to start again,
to prove yourself to win some self respect your filth,
you're lies, you're facedown -
I bleed with you where's your respect.
Show some respect where's your respect.
Earn your respect.



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