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Staple by Staple
Staple (2004)
Label: Flicker

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Dictatorship vs. Democracy by Staple

Vicious Cycle of Life: I find
that I kill myself every time I
look away from you. But i often
gaze another moment. Incited
scars reopen, bleeding again, and
they're bleeding at my request
freely given, and we choose the
choice to loose (now we know).
AS these scars are screaming at
me -- Just why we've chosen poorly.
Could this be our chance to see why
we believe that we need you
instead of following numbly?
Ride on, Ride strong solider,
march to the dictated beat. Have
you ever known how victory
feels unless you have felt defeat?
Dont want the pain of free will
tolen and mindless mechanical
will chosen. Cherish the loss --
There is no concept of gain without
cost. I fall, and i fall freely.
Incited scars are bleeding and
now i believe. I Freely believe
When I hit the ground and
bloody palms I raise, The arms
that pick me up convince me.
Where's no better place.



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