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Myself Letting Go by To Speak of Wolves
Myself Letting Go (2010)
Label: Solid State

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Darkness Often Yields the Brightest Light by To Speak of Wolves

You feel the rhythm pumping through your veins
Backbeat is pulsing, driving you insane
Giving in, was it your mistake?
Endless regret is keeping you awake
It wasn't me who spread the sheets
Called it a day and made this bed
The choice is yours, my friend
I never once sold you short
From you can I expect apathy?
Never me
From a distance I embrace (the) decent
Watching the mountains fall into the sea
Head in your hands
Stumble to bended knees
Wishing this moment could be lost in time
Slipping away, trying to press rewind
Did you think I'd walk away,
bow down so gracefully,
say what you want,
say what you need?
I feel you pulling at the thread until the separation of fabric from seam



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