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Picket Fence Cartel by Project 86
Picket Fence Cartel (2009)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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Dark Angel Dragnet by Project 86

Bayonets to insurgents
Lurking in my veins
My DNA, red template
Saluting my dark angel dragnet

I returned my cement shoes
Cashed in my sadness
I don't intend to sleep with the fish

Because I can't resist...

Cancel my ticket booked to fire
Choirs of angels sing my name
Machete to that destination
New Destiny will curse the flame

The terror of the daylight
It once consumed me
My undead devious ways
The champion of getaways

This hallowed vaccination
This sacred pure attaction
In you I'm now just a...


So just take the reigns...

Cancel that flight into oblivion
Your ship now has an open seat
Enjoy those sips of sour poison
While I sit back and watch it rain

let it rain.

and say hello to death for me...



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