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Hanging On By A Thread by The Letter Black
Hanging On By A Thread (2010)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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All I Want by The Letter Black

Everyday you accuse me,
but I've done nothing wrong
You put me down like I'm the enemy
Why's it so hard for you
Why don't you understand
I'm not the one who's killing you

And all I want is for you to
Breathe me in again, breathe me in again

And all I want to tell you is
I still love you
And all I want is for you to

Just believe in me, just believe in me
Why won't you breathe me in?

You take advantage of me,
cause I won't turn you down.
Once you get what you want you push me to the side.
Why do you try to hurt me? It's only hurting you.
I've always been right here waiting.

[Repeat chorus X2]



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