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Songs To Burn Your Bridges By by Project 86
Songs To Burn Your Bridges By (2004)
Label: Tooth & Nail

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A Shadow On Me by Project 86

These petals
This blackened rose in a soil all my own
Shrouding your hallowed ground
Like seeds who'll never sow
Like forgery and larceny and my ill-gained revelry
I recite these scripted lines while embers of a different time...
Go drifting by

When every word you ever said came true
All I missed in all of this was you

Can you see a shadow on me?
Calling me to leave
Find in me a trace of you in all this tragedy
You're the only home I know

These pieces
The shattered shard dancing in the moonlight
Glimmering and glistening
Preparing me for the night
I never learned to walk the surface on my own
So lately, this ocean floor has been feeling more like home

So take me in these fleeting moments of solitude in you
Remove this sordid fascination with shadow
And remove this shattered self of preservation
All that you forgave and give all you promised to...

Can you see this shadow lifting?
Drifting home again



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