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Bullroser Records 10th Anniversary Collection by Lament
Bullroser Records 10th Anniversary Collection (2008)
Label: Bullroser

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A Cry Near The Forest by Lament

I look at the sky,
towards You,
in the same place
where I begin to dream

A smile of hope
dawns on my face
There You are,
in my dreams and wishes
As every night is by the lake,
hear the forest

I find rest in the stars of the night
With my body bleeding
from the whips
My pride gone from
the fruit of their lips

Father, I know
You're still close to me
Now You heal my flesh
and cure me

I can see Your tears are larger than mine
Why, God, if You created everyone,
do they judge me by my color?

It's color that killed their love for truth
Lord, does Your love remain in me?
If You love me, I will love them



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