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The Overseer Rest and Let Go
The Overseer
Fragile Wings
The Ongoing Concept Saloon
The Ongoing Concept
Failures & Fakes
Demon Hunter Extremist
Demon Hunter
The Last One Alive
Darkness Divided Darkness Divided
Darkness Divided
August Burns Red Rescue & Restore
August Burns Red
For Today Fight The Silence
For Today
Fight the Silence
Close Your Eyes Line In The Sand
Close Your Eyes
Frame and Glass
Phinehas The Last Word Is Yours To Speak
The Deepest of Graves
Close Your Eyes Line In The Sand
Close Your Eyes
The End

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    2013 Dove Award Winners - Rock Edition
    WE AS HUMAN to Thrill Audiences on Tours with Filter, RED and Family F ...
    Love & Death To Re-issue Debut Album Between Here and Lost
    Inaugural Stryper Fan Weekend to be Held October 1113 in Nashville
    44th Annual GMA Dove Awards Nominations Announced

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